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PhD project

Galaxy archaeology with Asymptotic Giant Branch stars

Master's project

Galaxies hosting subluminous supernovae

Part-time project

Red Supergiant populations in M101

I have been reading up on literature around Red Supergiants, the Red Supergiant problem, dust's role in the universe and infrared astronomy. Taking on the project from a previous PhD student, I have been getting up to speed with the software and machine learning  code that has been written.

Teide observatory project

Qatar-2b: A transiting exoplanet

Poster - apologies for the quality, it's the only picture I could find!


  • Phyphox classroom activities -- during lockdown, teachers were stretched to deliver practical lessons to students online. So, in response to this, we released a set of smartphone activities teachers could use virtually with their students.

  • Social Media Good Practice guide -- in collaboration with 3 colleagues, and as part of the IOP's Limit Less campaign, we produced a guide detailing how to promote physics inclusively.

  • Misconceptions -- as project manager of a team of 14, I was responsible for ensuring the delivery of IOPSpark's misconceptions content. This included writing the content for each page from information distilled from journal articles. 

  • Articles in Classroom Physics magazine, including:


In my role as the day-to-day manager of  the IOPSpark website, hosting over 3,000 pages, editing is of course an important aspect. This includes editing for physics accuracy, structure, tone, readability and accessibility. 

The list would be too large to completely detail here, but here's a flavour of the kind of pages I edit:


  • Primary school visits -- during my PGCE, I visited multiple primary schools to promote physics, setting up fun demonstrations like the jelly baby wave machine.

  • Astronomy club -- during my second PGCE placement, I took over running the astronomy club for a term.

  • Neurodiversity in physics talk at HMP Norwich

  • Supporting many outreach projects through my role at the IOP


  • Teaching Assistant on the courses Discovering Astronomy and Physics of Fields and Matter at the University of Edinburgh 

  • St Thomas the Apostle School and Sixth Form: Teaching KS3-KS4 physics, chemistry and biology, in addition to KS5 physics. 10 x 25-30 student classes; up to 14 teaching hours per week.

  • Sydenham School: Teaching KS3-KS4 physics, chemistry and biology, in addition to KS5 physics. I was in charge of planning and tracking the A-Level required practicals.

  • Judith Kerr primary school: Assisting the year 5 classroom.

  • Tutoring: KS2-KS5 physics and maths.


The University of Cambridge

  • Popular science writing

The Publishing Training Centre

  • Writing for the web

  • Editorial skills for all

  • Rewriting and Substantive Editing (Non-Fiction)

  • Content strategy for the web

Management centre (=mc)

  • Time management and managing multiple priorities


  • Data-driven astronomy


  • SEND training

  • Behaviour management training

  • Voice projection 

  • Subject-specific CPD

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