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PhD project

Galaxy archaeology with Asymptotic Giant Branch stars

Master's project

Galaxies hosting subluminous supernovae

Teide observatory project

Qatar-2b: A transiting exoplanet


  • Phyphox classroom activities -- during lockdown, teachers were stretched to deliver practical lessons to students online. So, in response to this, we released a set of smartphone activities teachers could use virtually with their students.

  • Social Media Good Practice guide -- in collaboration with 3 colleagues, and as part of the IOP's Limit Less campaign, we produced a guide detailing how to promote physics inclusively.

  • Misconceptions -- as project manager of a team of 14, I was responsible for ensuring the delivery of IOPSpark's misconceptions content. This included writing the content for each page from information distilled from journal articles. 

  • Articles in Classroom Physics magazine, including:


In my role as the day-to-day manager of the IOPSpark website, hosting over 3,000 pages, editing was an important aspect. This includes editing for physics accuracy, structure, tone, readability and accessibility. 

Examples of the pages I would edit:


  • Primary school visits -- during my PGCE, I visited multiple primary schools to promote physics, setting up fun demonstrations like the jelly baby wave machine.

  • Astronomy club -- during my second PGCE placement, I took over running the astronomy club for a term.

  • Neurodiversity in physics talk at HMP Norwich

  • Supporting many outreach projects through my role at the IOP


  • Teaching Assistant on the courses Discovering Astronomy and Physics of Fields and Matter at the University of Edinburgh 

  • St Thomas the Apostle School and Sixth Form: Teaching KS3-KS4 physics, chemistry and biology, in addition to KS5 physics. 10 x 25-30 student classes; up to 14 teaching hours per week.

  • Sydenham School: Teaching KS3-KS4 physics, chemistry and biology, in addition to KS5 physics. I was in charge of planning and tracking the A-Level required practicals.

  • Judith Kerr primary school: Assisting the year 5 classroom.

  • Tutoring: KS2-KS5 physics and maths.


The University of Cambridge

  • Popular science writing

The Publishing Training Centre

  • Writing for the web

  • Editorial skills for all

  • Rewriting and Substantive Editing (Non-Fiction)

  • Content strategy for the web

Management centre (=mc)

  • Time management and managing multiple priorities


  • Data-driven astronomy


  • SEND training

  • Behaviour management training

  • Voice projection 

  • Subject-specific CPD

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